Dog grooming can be made easier if you choose the right clipper to use. You can ensure that your dog will be groomed properly saving you time and money instead of taking your pet to a grooming service provider every now and then. There are different styles of dog clippers available in the market today and they are all offered at different prices. When choosing a clipper, you need to consider certain factors to ensure that it will offer good results and would last for a long time. These considerations may include the dog type, intended use and personal requirements.

Dog type

Dogs usually differ in sizes, breed and hair texture. If your dog has thin hair, it would be easier for you to groom your pet regularly as you wish. Dogs with thick hair are often advised to see a professional cutter to handle the grooming for you. But if you have knowledge in doing it just choose a powerful blade during the process.

Intended use

When you purchase a dog clipper you must understand the best grooming for your dog and what type of clipper would give you the best result. Your intended use for a particular type of clipper is also an important consideration.

Personal preferences

When buying a dog clipper your personal preferences are also considered. It would make you more satisfied if you get to choose a clipper that is easy to use or handle and offer good results. You need to choose a clipper that will not strain your elbow, wrist and arm.

Learning the art of grooming your dog using dog clippers can be your greatest achievement. In order to make your goals you need to choose a heavy duty and high quality dog grooming clipper. A clipper with carbon steel blades can be a good option because it can stay sharp for a long time which means you can use it longer. It is also important that you know how to select a good clipper that can offer you satisfaction.

Here are tips on how to choose a dog grooming clipper.

  1. Choose a clipper that stays quiet when used try not to use those that have noisy motors that might scare you pet.
  2. Buy a clipper with attachable blade system so that you can easily or quickly change the blades if necessary.
  3. Choose a powerful unit that will only require short breaks when used and you can finish the grooming in just a short period of time.
  4. Find a unit with a guide comb attachment which has a unique design making it easier for you to get the grooming session done quickly.
  5. Try to find a handle which is ergonomically designed because these are the types of clippers that are easy to operate and you will not fear that it will suddenly slip from your hands.

Proper maintenance is also necessary for your dog clipper as this will determine if the unit will last longer than expected. Make sure to put oil on the blades to avoid rusting and keep it sharp when use. Before shopping for a dog clipper in a local pet store, you may want to check some of the famous units online. Research enough information and details about each unit that will tell you the kind of clipper you may need for the type of dog you have. Check out the features of the brands and choose one that would cater your entire dog grooming needs. Doing an initial research before shopping for a dog clipper, will assure you that you can have the best unit on hand. With this you will know that it will provide good results and can make a difference on your dog’s appearance.

Author Bio – Steve Malitz is a dog owner for five years now. Because of his love for animals he promotes the use of proper dog clippers. He has been able to write his own dog clipper review.