Pet insurance deductible refers to the amount that you pay from your wallet before the coverage begins. There are two kinds of deductibles – annual pet insurance deductible and per-incident pet insurance deductible. So, which of these is the right choice or better deal? Well, read on to find out more.

In Australia, usually, pet insurance companies charge a per-incident deductible for every diagnosis. However, you can very rarely find a company that charges an annual deductible.

Annual Pet Insurance Deductible

As expected, annual deductible refer to the one that you pay once in a year. It is the same as the deductible that is seen on people’s insurance plans. Irrespective of how many times you pay a visit to the veterinarian, you will still have to pay just the yearly deductible once in a year. For this type of deductible, the pet owner need not pay anything more after the yearly deductible amount has been attained.



Per-Incident Pet Insurance Deductible

On the other hand, per-incident deductibles are something that has to be paid each time you pay a visit to the veterinarian for something new. In simple words, if you visit the vet in March because your dog has a respiratory infection, you will have to pay a deductible. Later, if you go to the vet again in May for an accident that your pet has encountered, you will again have to pay one more deductible when filing your pet insurance claim since this is a new incident. So on and so forth, you will end up paying for every health concern your pet goes through! This is why it is called per-incident pet insurance deductible, meaning you’ll have to pay the deductible for every new incident.

Overall Costs

Every time you pay a visit to the vet for a different incident, you will have to pay the per-incident deductibles all again. It could imply that you pay lots of money throughout the life of your pet.

Most of the time, the pet insurance deductible will be in the range of AU$100 – AU$250. There are other choices also available, but these are typical. So, if you have a yearly examination (AU$100) in addition to two or three more visits (AU$300) that implies you could end up paying more than AU$400 per year just in deductibles. That’s a plenty of extra money.

Typically, you will see per-incident deductibles connected to plans that pay more than the usual 80-percent reimbursement. However, even if you regain the additional 10-percent (receiving reimbursement of 90% rather than 80%), that would not usually make up for the extra $100 or $250 you have split over for the per-incident deductible.

On the Whole

When you shop for pet insurance, pay close attention to what you are buying. Compare different policies and ask question related to the plan and the deductibles. Don’t presume that you are aware of how each company and plan works since they vary from one company to another. As far as pet insurance deductible part of your plan is concerned, you should compare all the options, weight them properly, consider the total cost in the longer run, and then make a well-informed decision.

Of course, there’s nothing more important than ensuring safety of your pets, and hence you must take your pets to the best vet doctors; tax deduction is just an added benefit that you enjoy, by availing an insurance plan.


Author Bio – Chantille McDonald is a pet lover, who insists on purchasing insurance policies for her pets. She has reviewed the best of insurance plans for pets and recommends all pet owners to take a look at all the options in the market today.