The relationship that you share with your pets is very unique; you must build a strong base at the beginning to establish a healthy relationship between you and your puppy. And, it may not be possible without good training. Having a puppy is certainly a rewarding experience; however, how do owners ensure that pups get the best food to survive and grow to become an active pet? Taking them out for walk should be a daily routine, and never be ignored. They need your affection and more time to spend with you for a better relationship.

Knowing Your Dog Better

Training a dog in the most effective and efficient way is possible with simple steps. Analyzing their ability and understanding their characteristics are the important facts to be considered for successful training programs.Dogs should be given training as soon as they are introduced to their new house or when they are small, but it does not mean that older ones wouldn’t be able to understand the training processes. If the right strategy is applied, the achievement will clearly make up for all your sacrifices due to the bond created between you and your dog, which will certainly last a lifetime.

Getting the Basics Right

If you’ve a new puppy or dog, you may be interested in giving it some basic training, so that it would become an obedient pet. You can teach your pup by yourself or hire a specialized obedience instructor. The first three basic things that any dog should learn is sit, stay, and come during training session. The following tips can help you to train your dog to play.

Begin Slowly

There’re many reasons a puppy may not have learned to play, including lack of easy socialization. A dog does not play simply as no one has ever tried to mingle or play with it. Irrespective of the reason behind your dog’s inattention, you should start by slowly bringing them up to games and toys. Leave the toys around them to sniff and slowly get them used to new stuff, rather than trying to connect them right away. An improperly socialized dog usually gets scared, if you start very fast.

Reward their Interest

Just like human being, even pets require lot of pampering; begin with a treat or soft praise for any interest your puppy shows in games. You can spread a little peanut butter or hide a reward on a ball or tug toy. In this way, dogs will learn soon that toys are good and better things can happen when they play with them.

Teach Game’s Rules

Games like fetch, for example, have more than just one part; apart from teaching them to run and pick up a ball you throw, you’ll also have to teach them to ‘drop it’ at the same place to ensure continuity of game or else it would become a game of blind chase. So, you need to teach your dog the basic rules involved in a game, in a slow and simple, yet commanding manner. And, try to train it until you succeed completely; don’t give up half-way!

Select the Play According to Dog’s Interest

Not every dog would like the game that you like; if you find them comfortable with certain toys, begin with such toys. It will be easier to train your dog to play the games that it likes rather than the ones it is least interested in.

Playing is a great way to offer mental stimulation to your dog, and to help it acquire new skills. So, select the games carefully, and have more fun while training a dog.

Author Bio – Peter Savage is a dog trainer with many years of experience and he is now sharing his experience, tips for training a dog to help you turn your new dog into a happy and obedient puppy.