Dogs are a man’s best friend goes a popular saying; and if your best friend belongs to an exotic breed, the sense of attachment and pride is all the more. Exotic dogs are usually rare, expensive and much sought after. If you love dogs and don’t really know about the breeds that are exotic, here’s a run-down of some of the exotic breeds and points to recognize them. You may also visit to read more about various breeds of dogs, and complexities of raising them.

  • Komonder: This Dog can be easily mistaken for a huge mop if just sitting still. They have long, thick curls that look like chords that go right up to the ground. This breed was initially brought by the nomadic Magyars to Hungary more than a thousand year ago to help guard sheep. Even today, in the countryside, the Komonder is still used for the same purpose. They are duty-bound, friendly, and calm in an almost matured human-like way and can actually analyse and think for themselves. They are known to be loyal and extremely strong. They are great for country houses, farm houses, and huge mansions with a lot of lawn. It could create a nuisance for small apartments, and lofts.

  • Ibizan Hound: This dog is basically a hunting dog and is extremely agile. They are very active and can jump way higher than big dogs even to a height of 6 feet! They need to be changed since these over active dogs easily get lost. They are energetic, brave, intelligent and extremely adorable. They need to be dealt with gently since it is noticed that they respond way better to a soft tone than a harsh one. They are great for walks, treks and hunting in the night since they can be very vigil. They require loads of exercise on a regular basis so only if you have a large play-ground close by, it can be very difficult to keep an Ibizian hound happy.

  • Chow Chow: The Chow Chow is the better known breed of the exotic breeds. They are fuzzy with a hairy coat and are known for their scowl-like look. They are well-tempered dogs though their scowl like face might make you think they’re always in a bad mood. They are relatively calm and get very attached to their owners. This breed is a dignified, aloof, proud and serious lot that gives an aura of aristocratic aloofness. They make great companions, especially for older people who have enough time to spend on caring for them. They are also known to be very intelligent and easy to train. A unique characteristic of this breed is that they have black tongues.

  • Portuguese water dog: This breed of dogs originates from Portugal. They were originally used by fishermen to help send signals between boats and actually helping herd schools of fish! They have a stable temperament and this makes them extremely sociable. They love being the centre of attention and are very sensitive to the tone of their master’s voice, so they need to be dealt with gently. They are usually obedient are great with kids. They are sensible, bubbly, and affectionate and fun loving.

So, if you’ve been aspiring to adopt a pet, consider any of these four exclusive dog breeds.

Author Bio – Jack Affrey is a professional dog breeder and holds an official licence is importing exotic foreign breeds of cats and dogs.